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  • Star Coaching

    Includes everything in Starter Coaching + ... More advanced coaching for the speaker already earning between $10,000 and $20,000 per speaking engagement.

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    Includes everything in Amateur Coaching + ... pragmatic coaching for the speaker already earning between $5,000 and $10,000 per speaking engagement.

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    Foundational coaching for the speaker NOT earning speaking fees and wants to start earning between $1,000 and $5,000 per speaking engagement.

What's Inside the Course You Ask?

When you purchase our course, Speaker Demand you're going to get systems to help grow your speaker business. Let's take a look:

  • Proven system to generate demand for your speaker services.

  • Complete walk-through of our 2 Page Plan that helps you focus on your message and your market and more...

  • Ongoing support and coaching inside our forum group, Audience Talks (Weekly Livestreams with Professional Speakers, Authors and Coaches).

  • 4 Weekly Coaching Calls! - Offered only for a limited time ... clocks winding down

Become a Paid Speaker

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To get your course for becoming a paid speaker today you'll need to take the next step. Our course was designed to be so simple an 8 year old could do it. Believe in yourself and join our program now! See you on the inside.


Happy Clients With Successful Programs of Their Own

Award Winning Author

Maureen Whitehouse

Before working with Gary I had hired people for multiple projects and often found myself feeling as though things never got coordinated to offer my clients and customers the seamless experience they deserve. I wanted someone to help me tie the many loose ends and moving parts of my business together once and for all so I could finally get my work out into the world. Gary made himself available to answer all my questions for several weeks before I was ready to hire again. It was such a relief to work with Gary, he systematized everything. He made sure he understood the workings of my online business entirely before he approached getting me set up for end-to-end customer success.

Published Author, Featured Speaker, Event Coach

Debbie Lazinksy

Gary can think through the process and his program was really easy to use and implement. I appreciated the way he took a complicated part of my business and broke it down so it was simple for me to understand and then implement. What I'd like your potential customers to know is that when they buy your program they have someone know they can go to for answers all the time. And that's really comforting when something goes wrong or when you just want someone to bounce ideas off of. I would highly recommend Gary and his services.

International Bestselling Speaker, Author, Coach

by Emily Wanderer Cohen

As a international bestselling author I didn't expect to get such great advice from Gary about writing my campaigns. He broke down how to effectively deliver value in my campaigns to customers. I learned how to effectively use my story to provide value to my market. I speak on stage, wrote bestselling books and coach trauma affected clients but wow was I impressed with the marketing and sales methodology Gary and his team created for me. He took the complicated "Traffic and Systems" parts of my business and gave me programs that worked and that I could use again and again the future. Tremendous value from Gary Dobbs Consulting programs. I recommend him to anyone I know that needs to know how to market and sell their services/products. Thank you so much Gary!!

Speaker Demand Course

Here's what's included

  • 2 Page Plan

    In order to locate the opportunities that are the right for you, you're going to need a clear plan. This part of the program walks you through our 2 Page Plan helping you gain clarity on your market and your positioning as a Speaker.

  • List Building Funnel

    In order to bring consistency to your market you'll need a proven step-by-step system to reach event planners and organizers. These lists are very important. We'll walk you through this system to get you locating and landing opportunities.

  • Get Paid Speaking

    There are many factors to consider when approaching organizations to get paid speaking gigs. Knowing how to navigate this industry will help you know where and who to engage with for your speaking services.

Paid Speaker Traits

They know where to look for paid speaking engagements and what to say to get booked.

Clarifying your message and your audience is important. This course is going to help you do that! Let's listen to International Speaker Emily Wander Cohen describe her message and audience.

International Speaker

Emily Wanderer Cohen talks about Intergenerational Trauma

International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Coach, Emily Wanderer Cohen, explains what it feels like to have intergenerational trauma--and describes a new way to heal and stop the cycle.

Speaker Demand Course

To become a paid speaker you need to have systems in place to get you opportunties.

Our Speaker Demand course was designed to give Coaches, Authors and Speakers the systems to generate demand for their speaking services. Without these systems all you have are hopes and prayers. We've created this course to give you a super simple system to generate your own demand and get paid speaking engagements. Join today and grow your speaker business with our help!

Don't Know What To Do?

If you're not sure about what you need but curious ...

That's why this preview lesson series was created. In the Preview Lessons from Speaker Demand course you'll get to see what value is created for you and how to approach building assets for your business as a professional speaker. Go ahead click "Look Behind the Curtain" to get free access to the Preview Lessons.